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Our Dedication to Sustainability

Peker Metal always adopts sustainability as a corporate principle


Peker Metal always adopts sustainability as a corporate principle and always considers it in its current production as well as investment plans. In this context, it takes steps with the goals of energy efficiency, effective use of existing resources, production with renewable energy resources, zero waste to land, water and air. production using renewable energy resources and aiming for zero waste to land,water and air. Our investment plans include the installation of a solar panel system on our factory roof in order to meet the electricity needs of Peker Metal from renewable energy sources.

Discs made from 100% recycled aluminum

Aluminum is a circular material, capable of being recycled multiple times without loosing its original properties. Besides the discs and plates produced from primary raw materials, Peker Metal can also produce and offer alloy products with low carbon footprints and made of recycled aluminum as an alternative, in case of demand from our customers. Peker Metal contributes to the circular economy by aiming to usage of secondary aluminum as much as possible.

Majortiy of the carbon emissions from smelting process of primary aluminum. The energy usage in the electrolysis process for aluminum purification is significantly high. Therefore, recycling of aluminum means a serious gain in terms of carbon emissions.

Company From All Around The World trust on Peker Metal For Aluminium Solutions

Peker Metal produces aluminium discs and sheets in accordance with the related EN standards and approximately 35% of our sales consist of overseas sales, especially to European countries, exports to the North Africa and Middle East markets. 

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