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Peker Metal provides raw materials to its customers in sectors such as kitchen utensils, industrial agricultural products, lighting and air conditioning, in the supply of semi-finished aluminum sheets and discs.


75 Years of Experience in Aluminum Casting and Rolling Industry

Aluminum is a light and durable material that is easily shaped, suitable for the food industry, has high reflectivity, is resistant to fire, has high thermal and electrical conductivity, and is easy to recycle. Aluminium discs and sheets can be used in cookware, industrial hunsbandry products, lighting and ventilation sector as raw material.

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We act in good faith, fair and honest in our business relations. We prioritize honesty over commerical earning in our relations with our stakeholders. We stick to agreement we sign. We stricly adhere to the principles of confidentiality.

Being Open for Continuous Improvement

We always prioritize continuous improvement. We question the aspect that are open to improvement in all of our business processes. We see each day as an opportunity to improve our operations.


We prioritize transparency in our relations with our stakeholders. We express the situation as it is under any circumstances.

Company From All Around The World trust on Peker Metal For Aluminium Solutions

Peker Metal produces aluminium discs and sheets in accordance with the related EN standards and approximately 35% of our sales consist of overseas sales, especially to European countries, exports to the North Africa and Middle East markets. 

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