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Peker Metal aims to meet customer expectations, contribute to the commercial success of its customers



Peker Metal aims to meet customer expectations, contribute to the commercial success of its customers, establish long-term permanent business relationships, provide long-term employment opportunities to its employees and respect the environment and society while presenting aluminium flat sheet, disc and strip products.

In accordance with these objectives, operational excellence and continous improvement will be taken as prinsiple. Peker Metal will continue its activities by adhering to the company values, and fully comply with legal regulation, and fulfill the necessary obligations. In order to contribute improvement of its employee, Peker Metal will take necessary actions and carry out activities to improve corporate culture.

In line with above mentioned aims and targets, Peker Metal undertakes to support employee engagement and evaluate effectiveness of actions to be taken in this direction.


We as Peker Metal, in the scope of environment and occupational healt and safety responsibilities we created our policy based on below principles;

  • Fully compliance to all legal legislation, laws/regulations and national regulations.
  • Keeping use of energy resources under control, taking actions to increase efficiency of energy consumption and reducing to the lowest level possible.
  • Managing occupational health and safety risks and carrying out studies for improvements, and maintain safe working environment on site.
  • Minimizing occupational accidents and diseases and taking actions to improve health and safety performance.
  • Keeping wastes under control and taking actions to reduce it.
  • In case of capacity increases, reporting to legal authorities and acting in accordance with legal regulations.
  • Determining and evaluating environmental and occupational health and safety objectives.
  • Giving trainings to improve employee awareness concerning to environmental and occupational health and safety topics.

We as Peker Metal undertakes to support actions to be taken by our employees and continuous improvements studies with respect to our environmental and occupational health and safety policy.

Company From All Around The World trust on Peker Metal For Aluminium Solutions

Peker Metal produces aluminium discs and sheets in accordance with the related EN standards and approximately 35% of our sales consist of overseas sales, especially to European countries, exports to the North Africa and Middle East markets. 

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