Presenting quality and sustainable product by prioritizing operational excellence in each and every process steps, and establishing permanent business relations with our customers accordingly.


We aim to be reliable supplier who always provide quality products for our customers,
We aim to support self-improvement of our employees and provide them long term employment opportunity,
We implement principles of continuous improvement in all business processes and develop our operations according to these principles,
We want to reduce our enviromental impact,
We want to maintain business continuity and sustainable business structure as managing sectoral risks,
We aim to obtain sustainable income for our shareholders in paralel with corporate strategy and add value to their investments.


In paralel with our customer requirements, we provide good quality and service with competitive price and establish long-term consistent business relations,
Improving tecnological and technical knowledge continuously, planning investments on technological innovations,
Working solution-oriented, ensuring that experience and corporate culture are emraced by all employees of the company,
Keeping the financial structure of our business strong
Contributing to improvement of our employees personal skills and conpetencies, maintaing company loyalty,
Carrying out its business activities on the basis of mutual respect and compliance with legal and ethical rules,
Analyzing expectations and needs of stakeholders well, managing business processes by considering interests of stakeholders too.


We act in good faith, fair and honest in our business relations. We prioritize honesty over commerical earning in our relations with our stakeholders. We stick to agreement we sign. We stricly adhere to the principles of confidentiality.

Being Open for Continuous Improvement
We always prioritize continuous improvement. We question the aspect that are open to improvement in all of our business processes. We see each day as an opportunity to improve our operations.

We prioritize transparency in our relations with our stakeholders. We express the situation as it is under any circumstances.